Lip balm in White Rabbit candy flavour to be launched in China

A poster for the lip balm, a tie-up between White Rabbit and cosmetics firm Maxam, comes with the following slogan in Chinese: “Sweeter than memories, moments of purity.”

Fans of the famous White Rabbit candy can soon lick their lips to get a taste of their favourite sweet - literally.

Chinese media reported that images of the packaging for White Rabbit candy-flavoured lip balm were leaked online this week and quickly became viral.

The new product is a tie-up between White Rabbit and Shanghai-based cosmetics firm Maxam, news site Sina reported on Monday (Sept 10).

Maxam's senior brand manager Li Chenshen told finance news site 21 Cai Jing that the product was still undergoing production and storage.

"The original plan was to launch it in October, but given the demand online, we have arranged for a limited number to be launched on Sept 20," he said.

The manager added that on Oct 20, the official launch date, the White Rabbit-flavoured lip balm will be sold in a special gift box.

A Thursday article by the South China Morning Post's culture publication Goldthread said that word of the candy-flavoured lip balm had spread quickly on Chinese social media sites like Weibo.

Some users joked that they would be more likely to eat the product than to use it for its intended purpose.

Although it has not been released yet, the product is listed on online marketplaces like Taobao.

One listing, complete with images, indicated that a pack costs 95 yuan (S$19).

It is unclear how many sticks of lip balm such a pack would contain, although the net weight of the product is stated as 3g, similar to that for a typical stick of lip balm or lipstick.

A poster for the lip balm comes with the following slogan in Chinese: "Sweeter than memories, moments of purity."

White Rabbit has been a popular candy brand in Singapore for decades. Often evoking nostalgia, the sweets were featured in National Day-related products here last year, including playing cards.

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