Kidnapped son reunited with biological mother after 26 years

BEIJING (CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Twenty-seven-year-old Liu Jinxin recently discovered that the woman he thought to be his mother had confessed to abducting him from a family she used to work for as a nanny.

The former nanny, Madam He Xiaoping, 48, from Nanchong, Sichuan province, admitted the kidnapping to local authorities in August last year (2017).

But last week, when Mr Liu met his biological mother in Chongqing - after a DNA tests verified their relationship - it brought confusion along with the expected joy.

Three years after they had reported their son missing, his biological mother and father found a boy in Henan province during a police crackdown on child abduction. According to the DNA test provided by Henan High People's Court at the time, the boy was confirmed to be their missing son.

Now, a new DNA test provided by Chongqing police states that the "son" they found in Henan and raised for 22 years has no biological ties to his adoptive family.

"After 22 years, I was told the DNA test report was wrong?" the mother was quoted as saying by Chongqing Evening Post. "It is too ridiculous."

She said she would consider suing Henan High People's Court for providing faulty DNA test results.

"The court's DNA report has caused huge pain and loss for our family," she said.

As for the nanny accused of the abduction, Mr Liu said he is willing to forgive her.

"She has been so nice to me, just like a real mum," Mr Liu said. "I love her so much and I don't want her to end up behind bars."

But Madam He will probably face some jail time, said Mr Huang Ziqiang, a lawyer from Chongqing Baijun Law Firm.

Madam He has not met Mr Liu's biological family yet. She has said she was not afraid of going to jail and she just wanted to atone for her crime.

Madam He, a small village farmer, lost two children in their infancy when she was young. Village elders advised her to raise a baby from another family so that she could have a child of her own.

In 1992, she went to Chongqing and became a nanny using fake identification papers. After a few days, she took the one-year-old boy away and returned to her hometown. She named the boy Liu Jinxin after her second son and later had a daughter of her own in 1995. The couple divorced in 2003.

Only Madam He and her ex-husband knew the secret until she broke it last year when she was deeply touched by a television show that dealt with finding missing children.

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