Man in Japan arrested for allegedly pulling down female co-worker’s pants at company party

The incident happened during a company party at an izakaya – a Japanese pub – in Chikugo city. PHOTO: UNSPLASH

He thought it was funny. She did not. A 36-year-old man in a drunken stupor allegedly pulled down a co-worker’s pants in front of over a dozen people during a rowdy company party in Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture.

He was arrested on Monday and is now in jail until he can post bail.

The temp agency worker from Yame city in Fukuoka faces an assault charge, following a complaint lodged by his 27-year-old co-worker, The Mainichi newspaper reported.

Investigators said that on Feb 4, during a company party at an izakaya – a Japanese pub – in Chikugo city, the man allegedly reached from behind as the woman was standing up to get a plate and pulled her pants down below her knees.

She called him out, but he and the other men with them just laughed at her. Embarrassed, she fled to the toilet.

There were at least 10 other people at the party. They all apparently thought what happened to her was all in good fun. She did not think so, but she kept her peace.

“Even though it was a saddening and embarrassing experience, I returned to my seat to avoid causing a scene,” she said.

Later, despite the threat of reprisal, she went to the police.

“I spoke with the police because the man’s actions were unforgivable,” she said.

The Chikugo police department thought so, too.

The man said he was so drunk, he had no memory of what happened.

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