Hong Kong woman digs out bedridden sister's eye with her bare hand

HONG KONG - A bedridden Hong Kong woman was found by police in the small hours on Tuesday (April 30) with an eye dangling from its socket in an assault allegedly perpetrated by her sister.

The suspect, who has moderate intellectual disability, has been arrested by police for assault but her motive is unknown, Ming Pao reported.

Both women are not named in the report.

Neighbours of the sisters called the police at around 3am, after hearing screams for help coming from the sisters' apartment on Sun Chun Street in Tai Hang.

When the police arrived, they found the 66-year-old victim conscious with her left eye hanging out from its socket after the victim's sister, 59, was believed to have gouged out the eye using just her hand.

Ming Pao reported that the two sisters live together with another sister in the same apartment. The suspect is the youngest in the family.

The victim suffers from fibroma and spinal disease which confines her to bed. It is understood that the family lives on government aid and income from the second sister, who is an office worker.