Hong Kong couple will be able to bury son's foetus after protracted battle with hospital

File photo of an ultrasound of a foetus.
File photo of an ultrasound of a foetus.PHOTO: AFP

HONG KONG - A Hong Kong couple will finally get to bury the foetus of their miscarried son, after two months, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on Thursday (June 22).

The unnamed couple lost their unborn son at 15 weeks in April and was told that the hospital would dispose of him as "clinical waste".

Hong Kong law recognises a foetus as a life only at 24 weeks.

A bureaucratic standoff ensued as the couple, known only as Kevin and Angela in news reports, tried to get the body of their son back for a proper burial.

They were informed by the Catholic diocese over the weekend that the church's application to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department to help them bury their boy was approved, and they will bury him on Saturday, SCMP reported.

"I feel very relieved and happy to be able to bury my son with the dignity he deserves," Kevin told the Post.


SCMP earlier reported that the case may prompt a law review in Hong Kong.

The diocese proposed to set up an 'Angel Garden' to help those who have lost foetuses.

But father Kevin said that this helps only Catholic parents, and he wants to see a "legal change".