Homemade flying machines get wet in Hong Kong harbour

Dozens of colorful and whimsical homemade flying objects take the plunge into iconic Victoria Harbour during the third Red Bull Flugtag event in Hong Kong.

HONG KONG (REUTERS) - Dozens of colourful handmade aircraft attempted to fly off Hong Kong's old airport runway before plummeting into iconic Victoria Harbour on Sunday (Nov 27). 

The majority of the 41 funky and wonderful aircraft - in shapes of cartoon characters, foods and animals - plunged straight into the water.

One of the contestants, Ms Sylvia Tang, was inspired by a character from the famous Angry Birds game, saying she wanted to use the word "angry" to reflect the feeling of Hong Kong citizens towards the city's political situation.

Hong Kong's third Red Bull Flugtag event drew hundreds of spectators. Members of the audience waved flags and cheered on the teams.

Team "Blank Space" won the event flying through the air in a machine shaped like a green alien spaceship.

The Red Bull Flugtag contest started in Vienna in 1992, and has now been held in more than 44 countries including the United States, Germany and Australia.

Hong Kong became the first city in Asia to host Red Bull Flugtag - "flight day" in German - in 2010.