Food deliveryman in China escorted by over 100 fellow riders in wedding procession

The groom and bride were trailed by more than a hundred food deliverymen. PHOTO: SINA WEIBO

A food deliveryman got married in style on Oct 1, escorted by more than 100 of his fellow riders in a wedding procession in China's north-east Tianjin city that was captured in a viral video.

Clips of the groom riding a scooter festooned with a red Chinese wedding ribbon in Xiqing district went viral on China's social media platforms.

His bride sat perched in a red traditional wedding outfit behind him.

Behind the pair rode more than a hundred of the groom's fellow food deliverymen in matching helmets and jackets.

Netizens said it was a heart-warming sight.

One commenter on Chinese news site The Paper said: "What a touching scene! And what an unusual procession!"

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Others wished the couple well, while more cynical netizens said it could be a publicity stunt for a food delivery service.

However, the latter has not been confirmed by Chinese media.

Weddings are a momentous occasion and Chinese couples are turning to unusual ways of marking the occasion, from underwater shoots to elaborate photo sets.

The wedding photoshoot industry in China is worth more than $10 billion a year.

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