Flying man soars over China's Great Wall

'Human Arrow' Jeb Corliss rips through a target over China's Great Wall dressed in a wingsuit.

BEIJING, CHINA (REUTERS) - There's no feat too great for "Human Arrow" Jeb Corliss, who hit the bull's eye over China's Great Wall dressed in a wingsuit.

The 40-year-old daredevil known for his stunts plunged from a helicopter, and considered this one of his 'safer' stunts.

Corliss says he got his inspiration from archers.

"One of the most ancient forms of human competition is archery, people have been doing archery for thousands of years and I though how amazing would it be to take archery, this ancient competition and bring it into modern times, where the human being becomes the arrow and be basically punch through miniature small bulls eyes, you know?"

His previous stunt involved shooting through a 25-foot wide crevice between two cliff faces.

But Corliss insists safety always comes first. He delayed his stunt on the Great Wall by a day due to winds he says could "basically kill you."