Exercising robot Kengoro breaks a sweat in the gym

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A Japanese research team has built a humanoid robot that resembles the intricate muscular and skeletal structure of a human body, making it capable of mimicking human activities like push-ups and sit-ups.

TOKYO (REUTERS) - Kengoro the robot does calisthenics just like a human.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo's JSK lab studied human anatomy to map the body structure of Kengoro, the most advanced version of a robot series they have been creating since 2001.

With 174 maneuverable joints powered by 116 motors and even a cooling system that resembles the way a human sweats, Kengoro demonstrates complex body movements that no other humanoid robot can match.

The data collected from Kengoro's sensors can help better understand the mechanism behind human body movement and the way our neural network controls them.

Researchers also see potential applications in making better crash test dummies, improving sports analytics and for entertainment uses in theme parks or film.

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