Ex-Korean Air heiress in infamous 'nut rage' case faces divorce battle

Ms Cho Hyun Ah's husband has filed a divorce suit after eight years of marriage. PHOTO: AFP

SEOUL - Ms Cho Hyun Ah, the former vice-president of Korean Air Lines Co. known for the infamous "nut rage" incident, is facing a divorce suit after eight years of marriage, court sources said on Monday (April 30).

Ms Cho's husband has filed a divorce suit with a Seoul family court, Yonhap news agency reported, citing sources.

He has also asked the court to decide on the custody of their twins. The couple married in 2010.

The court sent related documents including the petition to Ms Cho earlier this month, and it will likely set a date for the first hearing soon, the report said.

The 44-year-old and eldest daughter of Hanjin Group Chairman Cho Yang Ho became notorious for what was dubbed the nut rage scandal. In 2014, she forced a Korea-bound flight back to the boarding gate at a New York airport because she was angry about the way her macadamia nuts were served - in a bag, not on a plate.

She was convicted by a Seoul court of violating aviation laws and served a jail term until she was released on a suspended sentence by the top court.

Ms Cho's divorce suit comes amid mounting allegations that her mother and younger sister assaulted and unfairly treated employees.

Her sister, Hyun Min, who was accused of throwing water into a man's face at a business meeting, is set to appear for police questioning over the allegation on Tuesday.

The Cho family also faced allegations of evading duties on luxury goods brought into the country.

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