Education board in Japan apologises over teacher who tells pupil to 'jump out the window'

TOKYO - The education authority of a city in eastern Japan has apologised to a fourth grade boy and his family for verbal and physical abuse by his form teacher.

A male teacher in his 40s from a public elementary school had scolded the boy after class last Wednesday (July 12), said officials from the municipal board of education in Tokorozawa city in Saitama Prefecture.

He reportedly told the youngster to "jump out the window" and to "stop coming to school", according to NHK World, the international service of NHK, Japan's largest broadcasting organisation.

The pupil's classroom is on the third floor.

The scolding happened after a classroom scuffle reportedly involving the boy.

After the scolding of the boy, the teacher allegedly told the other children in the class: "Let's have fun with 33 members from tomorrow."

The class has 34 children, according to NHK World.

The boy has been absent from school since last Thursday.

The incident was uncovered after parents of some of the boy's classmates reported the teacher to the school, said Kyodo News.

The teacher admitted to making the remarks and said his words were inappropriate, Kyodo News reported. He has apologised to the boy and his parents.

The school found that the teacher had also kicked the same boy in the back in April as a form of corporal punishment, according to Kyodo News.

The local board of education has issued an apology to the pupil and his family, as well aspromising counselling for the boy, according to NHK World.

The education board said it is now considering penalising the teacher, Kyodo News reported.

Last month (June), an elementary school teacher in Saitama Prefecture was punished with a pay cut for using corporal punishment on three pupils. One of them suffered bruises, Kyodo News reported.

A teacher at a public elementary school in Osaka was suspended for three months recently after he beat a pupil at the child's home one night. The teacher was drunk when the incident happened, according to Kyodo News.