China's towering glass-bottom platform opens

A glass-bottom platform that takes visitors a towering 400m above ground opens in China.

BEIJING, CHINA (REUTERS) - At 400m above the ground, this glass-bottom platform above Shilin Gorge, on the outskirts of the capital, is not a relaxing spot for those with a fear of heights.

While some were visibly nervous, others were relaxed.

Thirty-year-old visitor Yang Yang even managed to get a workout in.

"When I first got up here it really was quite scary because this must be a few hundred metres high and it's a completely transparent walkway. Also, the wind is quite strong up here, so it feels really scary and exciting."

Tourist Chen Wei, however, had a hard time making a round.

"I'm scared, I don't dare to look down, I'm just looking straight ahead, I'm just keeping a grip on the railing as I walk."

Owners of the viewing platform say it is currently the biggest in the world.