China official in Hong Kong says US sanctions, business advisory have 'despicable intention'

The United States imposed sanctions on seven Chinese officials over Beijing's crackdown on democracy in Hong Kong. PHOTO: AFP

HONG KONG (REUTERS) - China's foreign ministry branch in Hong Kong said new US sanctions on Chinese officials and its updated business advisory on the city are "extremely rude" and "extremely unreasonable" bullying acts with "despicable intention".

The United States imposed sanctions on Friday (July 16) on seven Chinese officials over Beijing's crackdown on democracy in Hong Kong, Washington's latest effort to hold China accountable for what it calls an erosion of rule of law in the former British colony.

The Biden administration also issued an advisory on Friday to warn US businesses about risks to their operations and activities in Hong Kong after China's imposition of a new national security law there last year.

A spokesperson for the Commissioner of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong in a statement late on Friday strongly condemned the US actions, saying they were blatant interference in Hong Kong and China's internal affairs.

"(US) worries about Hong Kong's business environment is fake; its attempt to destroy Hong Kong's prosperity and stability, endanger China's national security, and hamper China's development is real," he said in the statement.

He added the implementation of the security law has reinforced Hong Kong's position as an international financial and business hub, and US sanctions and pressures are no more than "a waste paper" which will not stop China from growing.

On Saturday, a Hong Kong government spokesman said Washington has repeatedly attempted to slander the legislation over the last year.

"The US Administration's latest attempt to issue a so-called 'advisory' ...based on totally ridiculous and unfounded fear-mongering about the situation in Hong Kong only serves to prove yet again its hypocrisy and double standards, driven by ideological hegemony," the spokesman said in a statement.

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