Be 'cremated' in China's death simulator

SHANGHAI, CHINA (REUTERS) - Ever wondered what it's like to be cremated and then be reborn through a latex womb? A business in Shanghai that's opening on Monday is hoping to give people that experience.

Participants discuss a life-or-death scenario and are then asked to either sacrifice themselves or the life of another and explain why. The person with the worst explanation then dies.

Lu Siwei, who took part in the media preview, was voted by the other 11 people in the group to go into the crematory.

The 33-year-old participant said in Mandarin: "It gives you the chance to calm down, give in to some deeper thoughts and think about some of life's problems. I think this (feeling) is different. When you walk through that door, you will experience changes in your mentality, and it will be different from what it was before you entered. I think this is really great, and very worthwhile."

The entrepreneurs behind it say they want to help people forget their problems and gain a different perspective of life.

A ticket to play in the game costs about $68.