Apple thrown from height hits and fractures skull of 3-month-old baby in China

A three-month-old baby in Shenzhen, China has been in critical condition for more than three days, after the infant was hit by killer litter on the head, reported Chinese media.

According to the baby's grandmother, the pair were on their way home after a walk last Friday (March 9) when an apple fell from a residential building nearby and hit the infant's head.

Soon after the impact, the child's face became pale, her head swelled up and she became unconscious.

The grandmother tried pinching the child to wake her, but the infant did not react, reported Sina News on Wednesday.

She was then sent to the hospital for emergency attention.

According to the grandmother, the force with which the apple hit the child's head was so great that the fruit smashed upon impact.

CT scans showed that one side of the child's skull was cracked from the incident, reported Sina News.

The baby has since undergone two operations, but her condition has yet to stabilise, according to the father, who was only identified as Mr Yu.

Police said they are investigating the incident, but have not identified the resident who threw the apple down the building.