Alert train station worker in China saves woman trying to commit suicide

PUTIAN - (CHINA DAILY/ ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - A worker at the Xianyou railway station in Putian, Fujian province, was awarded 6,000 yuan (S$1,940) after saving a woman who had tried to kill herself by jumping onto the train tracks as a high-speed train was approaching.

Mr Weng Jianzhong, who was on duty on Wednesday (May 10), noticed at around 2.50pm that the woman was visibly distressed, according to railway authorities.

The woman had entered the platform after he checked her ticket at around 4.50pm. She did not reply when Mr Weng asked for her carriage number.

Later, as train D6529 approached the platform, she ran towards it.

Fortunately, Mr Weng had been keeping an eye on her, and rushed over to drag her back just in time.

The woman was unhurt. Mr Weng, however, injured his head when he fell to the ground as he struggled to pull her back.

The woman was later taken home by family members.