Airplane restaurant opens in Wuhan

WUHAN, HUBEI (CHINA DAILY/ANN) - A Western-themed airplane restaurant has opened in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

The restaurant,  which opened on Friday (Sept 9), is a retired Boeing 737 aircraft from the now defunct Indonesian carrier Batavia Air, which was bought by a local businessman for 35 million yuan (S$7.14 million).

The interior makes the diners feel as if they are on an actual airliner and guests can also experience a flight simulation in the cockpit.

A Western-themed airplane restaurant opened in Wuhan, the capital city of Central China's Hubei province on Sept 9, 2016. PHOTO: CHINA DAILY/QQ.COM

Located inside a retired Boeing 737 aircraft, Lily Airlines restaurant gives its diners the feeling of being on board a flight. "Passengers" must obtain their bill, which is printed on a replica flight ticket, before they pass down the aisle into the cabin.

All waiters and waitresses are dressed to resemble air stewards and stewardesses.

The retired aircraft got a water cannon salute, as if it had made a virgin flight on a new route.

All waiters and waitresses wear uniforms to make guests feel on board. PHOTO: CHINA DAILY/QQ.COM

"I didn't expect it to be so popular," said Mr Li Lang, owner of the restaurant. He said it set a maximum daily service limit of 150 guests. "It will be beyond our ability to serve more than 200 diners," he said.

The restaurant has a capacity of 78 people, with 19 tables. Only those who have a VIP membership card can call to make a reservation, while those without have to wait in the "departure hall" if there are no seats available. There is an 800-yuan ($120) deposit fee, which goes towards future dining bills, for those wanting to obtain a VIP membership card.

Foreign chefs preparing food in the restaurant. PHOTO: CHINA DAILY/QQ.COM

With four foreign chefs, the restaurant offers five varieties of set meals, including American, German and French cuisine, depending on the "air route", which changes. The price of the set meals ranges from 158 yuan to 398 yuan.

A woman surnamed Chen said she traveled more than 30km to eat at the restaurant. "I came because my son really likes airplanes. It's a pity that we have to wait until next month to experience the simulation cockpits."

As the founder of a landscape engineering company, Mr Li is a big fan of vehicles and machinery, and is currently applying for a pilot licence.

A waiter and waitresses in uniform serve customers. PHOTO: CHINA DAILY/QQ.COM

Mr Li said he got the idea of opening the restaurant after seeing an airplane-themed hotel four years ago in Sweden. After failing to find a suitable aircraft in China, he bought the retired aircraft from Indonesia for 35 million yuan.

It took four months and cost 3 million yuan to transport the aircraft back to China, and was dismantled eight times in the process.

Customers can also experience the feeling of flying a plane in the cockpit. PHOTO: CHINA DAILY/QQ.COM

The name of the restaurant is homophonous with Mr Li's family name and his wife's given name. Mr Li said he gave the restaurant its name as it is a gift to his wife, who chose to marry him at a time when he had financial difficulties.

"When we got married, we didn't hold a wedding banquet and I didn't even buy a wedding ring for her," he said.