12-year-old boy in China stripped naked, dragged through the streets behind father's motorbike for stealing $20

A 12-year-old boy was dragged naked through the streets of Yunnan by his own father for stealing money and playing truant.

Thought getting caned was bad? A father in China punished his 12-year-old son by stripping him naked, tying his hands with a rope to a motorcycle, and dragging him through the streets of Yunnan last Friday (June 30).

Video footage of the duo being confronted by outraged passers-by has gone viral, reported the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

In the video, the boy, who is covered with cuts and bruises can also be seen shaking from the cold in the rain.

Members of the public can be heard berating the father, who later attempts to remove his jacket and give it to his son after the angry crowd orders him to do so.

However, the boy gets agitated and pushes the jacket back on to his father, shouting at the crowd to stop talking.

A man in the video can be heard repeatedly asking the father if the boy is his biological son, which the father confirms.

The onlooker then demands to know why the father beat his child so badly.

According to SCMP, the father defended his actions by saying he was punishing his child - for stealing 100 yuan (S$20.32) from the family, and for spending the previous night playing outside and skipping school.

SCMP cited a report from local news portal Yunnan.cn, adding that the father admitted to regularly beating his child for being "frequently naughty".

The father, who is reported to be a migrant worker from Guizhou province, later untied his son and sat him on the motorcycle before driving away.

Local police said that they are investigating the incident.

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