You have 1 knife? I have 2: Chinese noodle shop owner chases off would-be robber in Australia

Noodle shop owner Hunter Hu with the two meat cleavers he used to chase after a would-be teenage robber. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK VIDEO

A teenager's plan to rob a noodle shop owner in Brisbane armed with a knife backfired spectacularly when his victim retaliated with twice the firepower.

Mr Hunter Hu, 46, who is from China, told TV station 7 News Brisbane that the 19-year-old entered his shop last Thursday (Nov 3) and passed his wife - who was manning the counter - a note which read: "I have one knife, give me money."

What he did not expect was the sight of Mr Hu emerging from the back bearing meat cleavers in both his hands.

The teenage robber, dressed in a blue hoodie, allegedly passed a note to Mr Hu's wife. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK VIDEO

"You have one knife? I have two!" Mr Hu yelled.

CCTV footage showed the would-be robber turning tail and racing out of the shop, with Mr Hu hot on his heels.

Mr Hu chasing after the robber with two meat cleavers in his hands. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK VIDEO

He reportedly fled into a fast food restaurant across the street from Mr Hu's shop, where he was later arrested by police.

Mr Hu later said in an interview that he was not put off by the incident. "No, it's Australia. I don't worry. It's very, very, very good," he added.

A video of the interview has garnered close to three million views.

Impressed netizens were full of praise for Mr Hu, with one commenting on Facebook: "He might not speak it, but this guy's more Australian than an alcoholic kangaroo, surfing a keg of Foster's, punching a great white shark in the back!"

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