Scoot flight from Gold Coast to Singapore diverted to Sydney after unruly man punches fellow passenger

Scoot said that an Australian man on board punched another passenger, causing crew members and other passengers to step in to break up the fight.


A Scoot flight from Gold Coast to Singapore was diverted to Sydney Airport on Monday (Jan 21) because of a disruption caused by an unruly passenger on board.

Flight TR7 was scheduled to reach Singapore at 3.15pm on Monday, but it was diverted just 1h 20min into the eight-hour flight.

In a statement on Monday, Scoot said that an Australian man on board punched another passenger. Crew members and other passengers stepped in to break up the fight.

"The unruly passenger was eventually subdued with two restraining kits, with the help of five passengers," the airline added.

A decision was made to divert the flight to Sydney, where the unruly passenger was handed over to local law enforcement.

According to Australian newspaper Brisbane Times, the man was met by Australian Federal Police and paramedics at Sydney Airport.

The assaulted passenger told crew members on board that he did not require medical attention.

Affected passengers were transferred to alternative flights bound for Singapore - Scoot TR13, as well as Singapore Airlines flights SQ242 and SQ288.

"In Singapore, Scoot representatives will be meeting with arriving customers to assist them where necessary," the airline said.

Scoot said that the passenger appeared normal during boarding and take-off, but began to disturb surrounding passengers after take-off.

Crew members were instructed not to sell alcohol to him, the airline said.

The Australian Federal Police told Australian media that a disruptive male passenger was taken into custody at Sydney International Airport on Monday from a Scoot flight that departed from Gold Coast.

Australian news website reported that the unruly passenger was taken to St George Hospital in Sydney just before 4.30pm.

Charges have not been filed against the man, Australian media said.

Facebook user Rico David Garilli, who was on Flight TR7, posted a video of the incident on Facebook.

In the video, the unruly man was shown punching another passenger, and putting him in a headlock.

Mr Garilli and several other passengers who shared his video on Facebook said that the man had started drinking after the flight delay was announced.

Flight tracking website FlightRadar24 showed that TR7, which was scheduled to depart Gold Coast at 9.20am, took off at 12.09pm.

In response to queries from The Straits Times on Tuesday, Scoot said that the first delay to Flight TR7 "was due to a technical issue".

"Scoot will refuse to transport any passenger who is deemed a risk to the safety of the flight," the airline said. "We apologise for the unpleasantness and inconvenience experienced by the other passengers."

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