Puggles born at Sydney's Taronga Zoo

Sydney Zoo celebrates arrival of first baby echidnas, known as puggles, in nearly 30 years.

SYDNEY (REUTERS) - Sydney's iconic Taronga Zoo unveiled three healthy baby echidnas, known as puggles, on Thursday (Nov 17), the first to be born there in nearly 30 years.

Hatched between Aug 16 and 30 this year, the puggles, which recently opened their eyes, weighed between 250g and 500g, the zoo confirmed in a statement.

Echidnas are a rare Australian mammal that lays eggs that hatch after 10 days and are carried in their mothers pouches for a period that can be up to two months, said the zoo.

The last echidna born at Taronga in 1987, Pitpa, gave birth to the youngest puggle.


Zookeepers told local media they have yet to name the puggles or determine their sexes.

Each year, about 1.4 million people visit Taronga Zoo and it is now home to more than 4,000 animals.