Hostage taker in western Australia arrested after almost 13 hours

Bunbury, Australia.

BUNBURY, Western Australia - A man who held another man hostage for almost 13 hours in western Australia was taken into custody by police on Friday.

The 52-year-old man reportedly took the victim hostage at about 6.15pm local time on Thursday in Bunbury, 170km south of Perth, and drove him to a park at Koombana Bay, ABC News quoted police as saying.

News website identified the man as David Charles Batty, who has been missing since June 2014 while he was a patient at Graylands psychiatric hospital.

Batty may have had explosives or gas canisters during the standoff with armoured vehicles and heavily-armed officers from the Tactical Response Group (TRG), according to the news website.

The siege ended after two "non-lethal'' beanbag shots were fired at Batty, causing him to stumble and fall on the ground, website reported. The TRG officers moved in and arrested him at 7am on Friday. His victim was taken to hospital.

"It was necessary to use two beanbag rounds to subdue him," ABC News quoted Commander Alf Fordhamhe as saying. "They caused minimal injury and he doesn't require any medical attention."

Batty was charged for a four-hour Kings Park siege in July 2012, said website. In March 2014, he pleaded guilty to the charges of unlawful assault causing bodily harm, deprivation of liberty and attempting to cause an explosion likely to do serious damage to property.

The Perth District Court issued an arrest warrant on June 24 last year when he failed to show for his scheduled sentencing.

It was understood that Batty had been taken for pyschiatric assessment after the hostage taking in Bunbury, said