From multi-tasking mum to Darth Vader, parodies of 'BBC dad' entertain Netizens

"BBC mum" in the Jono And Ben parody defuses a bomb while being interviewed on air.
"BBC mum" in the Jono And Ben parody defuses a bomb while being interviewed on air.SCREENSHOT: YOUTUBE

WELLINGTON - What would a woman do if the kids gatecrashed her important BBC interview?

A week after a dad was video-bombed live on air by his two children during an interview on the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-hye, New Zealand comedy show Jono and Ben has imagined how a woman would have handled the situation.

The televised segment begins in a similar way, with American professor Robert Kelly's female equivalent, Kate Wordsworth, answering questions about the political crisis in South Korea as her daughter walks in.

The woman welcomes her daughter on her lap, feeds her milk and calmly continues to talk to her BBC host. When the toddler steps in, she hands him a toy.


The amusing parody then goes on with the multi-tasking mum removing roast chicken from the oven, cleaning the toilet, and even defusing a bomb.

In Professor Kelly's original interview, which has inspired a host of follow-ups and parodies, the 44-year-old dad was being interviewed by the BBC when his children, aged four and 18 months, barged into his study at the family home in Busan, South Korea.

The BBC released a video of the incident and it quickly went viral, garnering nearly 22 milllion views.

Another viral parody on the "BBC dad" line features Darth Vadar giving his thoughts on the nature of rebellions and being gatecrashed by droids.

Yet another plays on how some netizens mistakenly thought Professor Kelly's wife was the nanny.

Others feature adults taking on the role of 4-year-old Marion Kelly and her baby brother for a whole different feel to how events play out.