Dutch team Nuna 9 leads 2017 Solar Challenge

Solar cars race in the World Solar Challenge through the Australian Outback.

DARWIN (REUTERS) - Dutch team, Nuon Solar’s Nuna 9 on Monday (Oct 9) kept the lead ahead of Japan’s team, Tokai, on day two of the World Solar Challenge across the Australian outback.

Just three minutes separated them when they arrived at Tennant Creek’s control stop, 985km from Darwin and with Team Michigan’s, Novum coming a very close third.

The race from the northern city of Darwin to the southern city of Adelaide is expected to take a week for most cars, with speeds of 90-100kmh powered only by the sun.

The fastest time was achieved by Japan’s Tokai University in 2009, completing the trans-continental race in only 29 hours and 49 minutes.

Teams come from the United States, Japan, Germany, Chile, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Belgium, Sweden, Iran, South Korea, India, Hong Kong, South Africa, Poland, Thailand, Turkey, Canada, Taiwan and Australia.