Australian man patents and goes national with the 'hamdog' - a hamburger-hotdog hybrid

Two women making hamdogs in Australia.
Two women making hamdogs in Australia.PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK

An Australian man has started sales of the "hamdog" - a cross between a hamburger and a hot dog - in New South Wales, and plans to go national with the quirky-looking creation.

Entrepreneur Mark Murray has been hawking the hamdog in Western Australia since July, and is now expanding across Australia.

He announced on his Facebook page on Saturday (Sept 17) that the hamdog, sold out of tents at fairs in Western Australia, would soon be available in Sydney.

The hamdog consists of a beef patty sliced in half, with a hot dog jammed in between. The unusually shaped bun is made by hand in a special mould in a Perth bakery.

Mr Murray told Australian news site that all the ingredients - meat, sauces, vegetables and cheese - were sourced from Western Australia, with the exception of the pickles. The hamdog sells for A$8 (S$8.20).

Mr Murray patented his fast-food invention in the United States in 2009.

He had pitched his product on start-up reality TV show Shark Tank last year, but failed to attract the interest of investors. He is currently looking for franchisees.