PAP man lists what he can do for voters in new flier

Peoples's Action Party (PAP) candidate Koh Poh Koon started handing out a new flier on the campaign trail yesterday, providing a quick summary of his plans if elected as MP.

Entitled "Punggol East Update" and printed only yesterday, the A4-sized flier lists the various plans he has spoken about so far.

The ideas are categorised under target groups such as families, the elderly and the low-income.

For senior citizens, Dr Koh pledged to introduce integrated elder-care facilities, health screening and more covered linkways.

Previously, the 40-year-old's fliers contained simple messages to voters appealing for their support. He adds in the new flier examples of how Punggol East residents' needs have been met - through more childcare places, for instance.

"I hope that you would give me a chance to continue the good work, and to do even more, as your MP. Let's transform Punggol East into 'A Home with a Heart'."

Yesterday, Dr Koh also elaborated on plans for a wellness centre for the elderly and more health screening programmes, as he made a pitch to elderly voters.

The centre and programmes would be located at void decks or a new community centre slated to be built on an empty plot of land behind Rivervale Plaza mall.

Turning to infrastructure in the ward, he said more benches and resting points would be added so that senior citizens can take a break when walking between their homes and malls.

Dr Koh, who spoke to reporters outside St Anne's Church, canvassed for votes from worshippers. He continued to pound the ground alone yesterday, but other MPs supported the PAP campaign by fanning out around Punggol East to knock on doors.

Today, Dr Koh, the commanding officer of a battalion, is expected to pause his campaign for a few hours as he goes back to camp to address his 400 men. He will promise to return for the second half of the two-week reservist stint once campaign and post-Polling Day activities are over.