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I am a durian-hater

There is something akin to a cultural divide between people who love durian and those who cannot stand it

Published on Jul 27, 2014 5:29 PM

That's it? You eat the whole thing?" asked the American woman, looking curiously at the plump mounds of yellow flesh on the plate that had been handed to her.

"No, honey, there's a seed inside it which you throw away," said her friend, in a rich Southern accent straight out of a scene from the television vampire series True Blood.

Next to them, a Japanese manga artist from Nagoya was gingerly sniffing and then sampling the fruit. Her eyes widened as she took her first bite.

I forget now why there had been such a strange collection of people at K.'s dinner party. But all of them now flocked around her as she burst out of the kitchen holding a giant plate with one spiky empty husk on it.

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