Single-sex schools do not benefit students

It is time the Ministry of Education (MOE) considers doing away with single sex schools.

If schools are intended to prepare students for their lives, then they should be a good approximation of real life, which includes interaction with the opposite sex.

Single gender schools create gender disparity in the minds of students from a young age and do not foster socialisation skills. This could hinder students' ability to form proper relationships in adulthood. Such segregation could also be considered discriminatory and could give an impression of gender superiority.

Gender based schools will not benefit students in the long run. Students are exposed to only one world where everyone is the same and has the same points of view.

Mixed-gender schools open students to a greater variety of people, making them more prepared for the future.

We need to break down barriers of gender and not promote them.

Social interaction is part of a healthy lifestyle and researchers have found that separation hinders social development.

Francis Cheng

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