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Promote process of learning in schools

A plausible solution to the issues brought up by Mr Lee Teck Chuan (A brilliant mind doesn't make a whole person; June 28) and Mr Geoffrey Kung (Don't discount the value of wisdom; July 1) would be to focus on process-based education instead of results-based education.

Students can be given more opportunities to participate in activities which promote important skills and values. For instance, they can initiate service learning projects or plan school events.

By promoting the process of learning, students are given more chances to shape their values while developing skills.

This applies to the development of wisdom as well, as students are able to obtain the ability to discern through experience.

An effort to promote process-based education is the Leaps 2.0 framework for co-curricular activities.

It recognises achievements in four domains: Participation, Achievement, Leadership and Service, and focuses on the development of values and life skills.

Students can also obtain bonus points for admission to junior colleges, polytechnics and Institutes of Technical Education.

Being the first batch under Leaps 2.0, I feel that this framework is a small but certain step towards a process-based education system.

Even if students commit to completing this framework solely for the bonus points, the process will undoubtedly be beneficial.

Zhou Min Yuan, 15, Secondary 4 student

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