Get students involved in activities beyond cleaning

As a parent of three children in primary school, I strongly support the move by the Education Ministry to have daily cleaning activities from January ("All schools to have cleaning activities daily from January"; Dec 12).

Perhaps schools should encourage children to take along their own dishware and utensils for use during recess, and to wash their own bowls, containers, forks and spoons after their meals.

I have also observed that school support staff are often tasked with arranging tables and chairs in the hall during major school events and year-end national examinations.

I used to carry my own table and chair to the examination hall.

I can understand that schools tend to be more cautious these days when it comes to students' welfare and safety.

But with proper supervision, our students will be more than willing and able to help with such physical activities, rather than stay for hours in the classrooms for lessons.

Chua Boon Yiang

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