Sunday, Apr 26, 2015Sunday, Apr 26, 2015
Two weeks ago, I experienced an aural epiphany.
Two weeks ago, I experienced an aural epiphany.
I spent the weekend under the watchful eye of Marvel Comics vigilante Daredevil.
If only I could make voice calls to my contacts on WhatsApp.
While cleaning out my storeroom last week, I came across a black box with contents that surprised me.
On mornings when there's milk in the fridge, I would pop a $1 Nespresso capsule into my coffee machine and start my day with a nice cup of latte.
Like father, like daughters.
Moments after Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge flagship Android smartphones in the packed hall of the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona, my immediate thoughts were not on the new features on the devices, but on the fact that I knew what the criticisms of them would be.
I am bored. Having spent the last 15 years of my life reviewing tech gadgets, the last two years have seemed rather bland and repetitive.
Since my wife and I took away our daughter's Apple iPad, she has become a much happier child.
I tuned in to Toggle for the first time last week. MediaCorp's video-on-demand and live TV service has been around for some time, but I did not check it out until recently, when the Toggle app could be downloaded on Xbox Live.