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From Wi-Fi to Bluetooth headsets, the future is clearly wireless.
From Wi-Fi to Bluetooth headsets, the future is clearly wireless.
Like many athletes, national sprinter Gary Yeo performs a certain routine before every competition.
Vinyl-record aficionado, Mr Ong Boon Kiat, 45, has more than 500 records in his collection. The writer and lecturer listens to digital music like most people, enjoying the superior portability and convenience the digital format brings.
Check out our picks for the five best external battery packs that can juice up your smartphone on the go.
Call it the cloud storage wars.
High Dynamic Range, or commonly known as HDR, is something you probably hear a lot and even see on your smartphone's camera options. TREVOR TAN tells you what is HDR and how to use it.
Words do not do justice to the stunning design of the Apple iMac, which measures just 5mm at the edge.
The Flex 20 is a product of its time. It exists because Microsoft's Windows 8, to put it simply, is a mash-up of a touch-based operating system with a conventional keyboard and mouse desktop interface.
Andell Matthew Tan, 40, a lecturer, has been using an Apple iMac since 2010. He likes its small footprint and finds it easy to set up.
I still remember my first experience with an HP touchscreen AIO PC. Instead of the now-standard capacitive touchscreens found on mobile devices, that AIO used optical-based technology which resulted in a thick, raised bezel and supported only two-point touch.