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    The Bigger Picture

    Tensions have been rising over competing claims in the South China Sea. What is the dispute about and what is at stake for the region? Get the latest news and analysis here.
    Sumiko Tan gets up close with newsmakers over lunch - and a selfie.
    Learning. Collaboration. Purpose. Discover the award-winning Straits Times News In Education programme and what it can do for you.
    Find the latest news, features and tips for your mind and body in ST's health weekly.


    Singapore Slider

    How has Singapore changed over the years? Every fortnight, The Straits Times will feature old and new images of a place in Singapore.

    Serangoon Road in 1954 and today »

    This is the last instalment of Singapore Slider as the series is taking a break. 


    These paragliders dazzled crowds on Sunday at the Acro Show by gliding past the sun above the eastern-most tip of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

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