Internet notices something odd about Donald Trump's Time cover

Donald Trump on the cover of Time.
Donald Trump on the cover of Time.PHOTO: EPA

The Internet has noticed something odd about the placement of US President-elect Donald Trump's head on the cover of Time magazine.

Time on Wednesday (Dec 7) named Donald Trump its Person Of The Year for 2016 for his stunning upset election victory.

The President-elect called NBC’s Today show, welcoming the accolade as a “very, very great honour” and denying he was responsible for divisions within the country since his win.

But as the news sunk in, people started noticing something strange about the Time cover.

"Horns. They gave him horns," tweeted actress  Alyssa Milano.

She wasn't the only one who noticed.

Time dismissed the horn assessment and pointed to 35 other covers on which the "M" was partially blocked by someone's head.


"Any resemblance to cats, bats or devil horns is entirely coincidental," Time said in a short post about the issue.

Former US presidents Bill Clinton and Abraham Lincoln, Pope Francis, Darth Vader from the movie Star Wars, and even Jesus Christ have been depicted on the Time cover with apparent "horns".

Time last year (2015) assured its readers that any extra features sported by its cover stars were not a statement of any sort, but rather a result of “the shape of the letter ‘m’ in the magazine’s name and its location on the cover.