Husband and wife jailed for assaulting their boss and co-worker

Edwin Tan Zhen Hao and  his wife Lim Li Hui assaulted their boss and a co-worker on Aug 22, 2015.
Edwin Tan Zhen Hao and his wife Lim Li Hui assaulted their boss and a co-worker on Aug 22, 2015.

SINGAPORE - Unhappy that they had been served with a termination letter and a warning letter, a married couple who worked together assaulted their boss and a co-worker.

On Tuesday (Dec 6), Edwin Tan Zhen Hao, 24, was jailed for 8 weeks while his wife Lim Li Hui, 21, was jailed for 3 weeks.

Both pleaded guilty to one charge each of causing hurt.

A district court heard that Lim and Edwin Tan were both hired to work as business development managers by Stratecore Venture Group director Benjamin Tan Kok How, 27.

On Aug 22 last year, at 6.35pm, the couple confronted the director, Stratecore sales manager Mindy Tan Hwee Chin, 30, and a few other co-workers at the open air carpark outside the company's office in Ubi Road 2.

Lim had been served with a termination letter, while her husband got a warning letter for their poor work performances, the court heard.

Concerned that the couple would turn violent, the director told the sales manager to record their conversation.

"When the couple realised Ms Mindy Tan was subtly recording their entire conversation, Lim attempted to snatch her phone away," said Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Samuel Koh. Lim then charged at the woman and they both fell. While on the ground, Lim pulled Ms Tan's hair and punched her face repeatedly.

After a co-worker separated them, Ms Tan ran into the office to call the police. But Lim chased after her and continued to punch her face until they were separated again.

When the women were on the ground earlier, Mr Benjamin Tan had also tried to pull Lim away from Ms Tan.

But the woman's husband began punching his face, head and back.

Edwin Tan, who is physically much larger than Mr Benjamin Tan, then wrestled him to the ground and held him in a chokehold around his neck and continued to punch him when he broke free, said DPP Koh.

Ms Mindy Tan and Mr Benjamin Tan had facial bruises. Mr Benjamin Tan also had swelling over his right eyelid, scalp and ears. He was given four days of medical leave.

The maximum punishment for causing hurt is two years' jail and a $5,000 fine.

Correction note: In an earlier version of the story, we stated that Lim Li Hui was jailed for '2 weeks'. However, it should be '3 weeks'. We are sorry for the error.