Certified appliances for efficient water use for firms

Businesses will soon be able to buy certified commercial dishwashers and washer extractors that are water efficient, helping them to save up to 44 per cent of water.

National water agency PUB and the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) said in a joint statement yesterday that two manufacturers - Electrolux SEA and Ecolab - have submitted applications to certify their products under the new Singapore Green Labelling Scheme for commercial water use appliances.

The scheme for commercial appliances, developed in April, is PUB's latest initiative to drive efficient water use in the non-domestic sector, the statement said.

The agency has partnered SEC to develop water efficiency criteria for commercial water appliances such as dishwashers and washer extractors, which are commonly used by hotels, hospitals, eateries and self-service laundrettes, among others.

PUB and SEC said appliances that carry the Singapore Green Label have met robust and stringent standards for water efficiency, among other green criteria. These appliances would help businesses to better manage their water management operations, they added.

With non-domestic water demand projected to increase from the current 55 per cent of Singapore's water demand to 70 per cent by 2060, it is important that businesses continually step up efforts to use water wisely, they said.

The scheme's assessment criteria was developed in accordance with the ISO 14024 standard and benchmarked against the United States' Energy Star certification standard.


Energy Star is a voluntary programme by the US Environmental Protection Agency that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect the climate through energy efficiency.

On top of water efficiency, appliances are also assessed on energy efficiency, product performance, health and environmental guidelines, waste management and recyclability, life-cycle considerations, and labelling and packaging requirements.

PUB and SEC said they will be working on the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme assessment criteria for commercial high-pressure water jets, which are typically used by professional industrial cleaning companies and town council cleaners.

Details of this scheme are expected to be ready later this year.

To encourage businesses to use Singapore Green Label commercial water appliances, PUB and SEC will reach out to the industry through events such as Singapore Green Hotel Award 2019.

Product manufacturers will also be encouraged to certify their water appliances under the scheme.

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