Assemblies of God 'stand together in solidarity' with Singapore's Muslim community in wake of recent radicalised cases

SINGAPORE - The Assemblies of God of Singapore "stand together in solidarity with the Muslim community here", said the organisation's general superintendent Reverend Dominic Yeo, in a statement on Friday (June 23).

Reverend Yeo was responding to the recent cases of Singaporeans who had been radicalised. He said that the Assemblies of God were "deeply saddened" by these incidents, as well as the increased number of terrorism-related incidents happening around the world.

He emphasised the need to understand that "all religions teaches us to be good, to live in harmony and to love fellow human beings."

"It is critical that we do not allow wrong perspectives to brew and cause fragmentation in our society... This is not a time for irresponsible comments and we must not condone any form of Islamophobia," he said.

Reverend Yeo also said that there was a need to safeguard multi-racial and multi-religious harmony in Singapore, as various religious bodies in the nation had worked hard to cultivate understanding, trust and friendship amongst each other.

He added: "Our nation's best security is our unity... The church continues to stand shoulder to shoulder with our government, religious bodies, and communities to stay alert against any form of religious extremism, and stay united in loving and caring for our fellow Singaporeans."