Sales promoters must not obstruct public walkways

It is a common sight to see sales promoters standing right in the middle of the walkways at bus interchanges, the podiums of MRT stations and other public spaces.

Usually, these places have high human traffic, especially during peak hours.

What invariably happens is that the sales promoters, usually representing various financial institutions as well as other businesses, would intercept the passers-by.

Both parties would then remain standing in the middle of the pathways, in conversation amid the heavy traffic flow.

Their actions result in great inconvenience to others, especially those in a hurry.

Sales promoters should be advised to move to the side to speak to their customers, away from the crowds.

Security staff at the public areas such as bus interchanges can play an active role in educating the sales promoters and persuading them to move to the side.

The Jurong East bus interchange and the shopping malls facing Woodlands MRT station are two places where the problem seems to be acute.

Joe Teo Kok Seah