Passbook updating procedure: DBS replies

We thank Mr Lim Fah Kiong for his feedback ("Strange procedure at DBS bank"; Forum Online, Dec 13) and have since contacted him to explain.

As part of preserving our customers' banking privacy, our staff do not proactively update passbooks when they are being held by a third party. This is because a passbook is a personal financial document that holds information that should be privy only to the account holder, and we advise our customers to keep it safe.

We do allow third parties to update passbooks on behalf of others, with written authorisation from the account holder. Alternatively, our staff can help call the account holder to verify his wishes.

While passbooks may be updated at machines as per industry practice, we strongly recommend that third parties first ensure that they have the account holder's permission before doing so.

Susan Cheong (Ms)

Head of DBS & POSB Branch Banking

Consumer Banking Group (Singapore)

DBS Bank