Curb seat-hogging at cafes

Many cafes these days look like libraries.

Often, when I am trying to find a place to sit and have a cup of coffee, I find such places packed with students studying, and laptops, books, files and study materials on tables everywhere. Even power points are used to charge their electronic devices.

The cafe managers tell me that some students will purchase just one drink and stay all day.

Some will "chope" the seats with their belongings and go to the foodcourt for lunch.

I have even seen some students hog the seats all day but buy nothing.

Starbucks, for instance, has signs asking students to refrain from studying on its premises during peak hours, and stating that studying there on Saturday and Sunday is not allowed.

However, I was at the Jurong Point outlet one Sunday and still could not find a seat because of all the students.

These signs are clearly ignored, or the cafes do not enforce the rules.

Why do students find it necessary to study at cafes? Why not study at home or in libraries?

Hanging on to space needed by paying customers is antisocial behaviour. More must be done to stop this.

Michael Loh Toon Seng (Dr)