South Korean politician blasted for lazily pushing suitcase to aide

South Korean lawmaker Kim Moo Sung was criticised for pushing his trolley suitcase to a waiting aide without any eye contact or acknowledgement of the younger man's presence. The move was seen by some South Koreans as an expression of arrogant self-entitlement and elitism. SCREENGRAB: YOUTUBE/YTN NEWS

South Korean lawmaker Kim Moo Sung has drawn barbs from netizens after lazily pushing his suitcase to a waiting aide upon returning from a trip to Japan on Tuesday (May 23).

In a video posted on YouTube by South Korean news channel YTN News, the conservative Baerun Party member could be seen walking out of a door into the arrival hall of Seoul's Gimpo Airport.

As he walked through the doorway to the flashing cameras of an expectant press, Mr Kim used one hand to nonchalantly push his trolley suitcase towards a waiting aide without eye contact, while grinning for the cameras.

The video quickly went viral in South Korea, reported news website Quartz on Wednesday, citing local reports.

Mr Kim's act has since been decried as an expression of arrogant self-entitlement and elitism by both South Korea's political elite and older males in general in the patriarchal society.

"This shows... the way he treats his subordinates!... How does he act in private if he even acts like this in an airport?... This is the bare face of the Korean elite!" said one comment in Korean on Naver, Korea's biggest Web portal.

Meanwhile, some cyber commentators have jokingly dubbed Mr Kim's action a "no-look pass", in reference to a basketball move, while others have made comparisons to the sport of curling, reported Quartz.

It is not the first time Mr Kim has attracted controversy over inappropriate behaviour; in 2015, he compared a Nigerian student's skin colour to charcoal, causing a public uproar.

Mr Kim, who has been a lawmaker in the National Assembly since 1996, was forced to issue an apology for his comments then.

In response to South Korean media queries on Wednesday about his suitcase misadventure, Mr Kim reportedly said: "Why should I explain that? Don't you have any other things to do? I am not interested and I have no intention of explaining."

Referring to reporters, he added: "Just do your work."