Andy Toh and Saranya Chyenne.
Andy Toh and Saranya Chyenne.PHOTOS: JOYCE FANG

Andy Toh, 48


Height: 1.63m Weight: 54kg

Exercise regimen: I run every morning for about 60 to 90 minutes. Then I’ll either go to the gym (Monday, Wednesday or Friday) or work out at the fitness corner with my resistance band. At the gym, I do free weights, chest presses and dead lifts. Before Covid-19, I swam every day but now I do it only during my day off.

Diet: For breakfast, it’s boiled egg whites and a chicken breast sandwich seasoned with multi-herbs. Lunch is catered at the hair salon where I work. As for dinner, I’ll eat whatever I feel like. I try not to have fried food on weekdays; I leave that for my cheat days on weekends. I don’t take soft drinks, coffee or anything sweet like cakes.

Saranya Chyenne, 22

Pre-school educator

Height: 1.58m Weight: 47kg

Exercise regimen: I go to Power Fit Studio five or six times a week to work out. The gym runs classes called Burn, Combat and Build, and I do a mixture of those. Burn class consists of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and cardio exercises like running on the Skillmill, skipping and sometimes outdoor exercises like lifting and flipping tyres. I do cardio and weights in Combat class. Build class is purely weight training using machines or push-ups and pull-ups.

Diet: I try to eat as much protein and carbs as possible as I’m trying to bulk up. I also take lots of vegetables. I do have sweet treats but I avoid sugary drinks and fast food.

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