Coronavirus: Victoria JC sees 92% attendance on first school day after news that a teacher had virus

Education Minister Ong Ye Kung during a visit to Victoria Junior College on Feb 10, 2020.
Education Minister Ong Ye Kung during a visit to Victoria Junior College on Feb 10, 2020.PHOTO: ONG YE KUNG/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - Attendance at Victoria Junior College, where one teacher was recently diagnosed with the new coronavirus, was 92 per cent on Monday (Feb 10), said Education Minister Ong Ye Kung.

Mr Ong, who visited the school, said that this attendance rate was "very normal" and that students are in good spirits.

But he added that he was troubled to learn that some members of the public shunned students in uniform and denied them service.

"This is not what we stand for in Singapore, and I'm sure the few don't reflect the larger population," he wrote in a Facebook post. "As I shared with the school, it's important to remember that how we treat the affected people could be how the rest of the world treats us Singaporeans."

He added that he was cheered to hear many students express their desire for school life to continue as far as possible with precautions despite some calls for school closures.

Monday was the first day back at school for Victoria Junior College students since the Health Ministry stated last Friday that a teacher there had been affected by the virus.

All staff and students who had been in recent contact with the affected teacher are now serving a 14-day leave of absence.

In addition, the school has disinfected the staff room, pantry and teaching rooms the teacher was in.

Co-curricular activities have been suspended for 14 days, and the school will conduct more tutorial-size classes rather than larger lectures.


The affected teacher had not been in school since Jan 31.

She reported having symptoms of the virus on Feb 2 and was admitted to Parkway East Hospital last Wednesday.

On Thursday, at about 11pm, tests confirmed that she had the virus.