Hot Bods

Cindy Ko ( left) and Andre Barlian. ST PHOTOS: JOYCE FANG

Cindy Ko, 44

Impact investor


EXERCISE REGIMEN I enjoy a variety of exercises, such as yoga, tennis, swimming and running. I do each at least once a week - early in the morning, for an hour - before family and work obligations create opportunities for excuses. In the evening, I try to make time for relaxing yoga stretches or go for a 30-to 60-minute walk to unwind.

DIET I try to practise mindful eating and drinking, taking cues from my body as to what and how much to eat and drink. I avoid overly processed foods. My meals are home-cooked and I make an effort to fill my plate with vegetables. I think when and how we eat are as important as what we eat. I also strive to keep regular mealtimes. Unless I am out having dinner with friends, I avoid eating dinner late as it is important to give your body a break from digesting food.

Andre Barlian, 39

Asset manager

HEIGHT 1.76m WEIGHT 68kg

EXERCISE REGIMEN I go to the gym on Mondays to Fridays and work out for an hour. As I run to and from the gym, I get 8km of cardio a day as well. I do my long runs on Saturdays on trails starting from MacRitchie Reservoir, and try to get in about 25 to 30km. On Sundays, I swim for an hour.

DIET I eat everything, but try to keep my meals balanced. Breakfast consists of oatmeal with a banana, berries, nuts, chia seeds and turmeric powder. I also do intermittent fasting for 13 to 16 hours. I am prone to inflammation and find that turmeric and intermittent fasting help to reduce it. The rest of my meals are made up of complex carbs, greens and proteins. I eat more plant-based food, but do not shy away from meat. What is important to me is the quality of the food. I avoid highly processed foods like sausages and pepperoni, as well as foods that have hydrogenated vegetable oil or trans fat, like frozen meals and fast food.

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