What readers are talking about this week

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP)-related products being removed from shelves at the NTUC Fairprice outlet at Nex mall in Serangoon on Oct 7, 2015.


Supermarkets pulling Asia Pulp and Paper products off their shelves caught the attention of some readers this week.

Ms Mary Chan Pheck Li and Mr Jolly Wee said that this was a strong signal sent to companies who may be complicit in the burning in Indonesia that is causing the haze.

However, Mr Chan Yeow Chuan and Mr Francis Cheng highlighted the potential fallout from this move. Mr Chan said some of the products pulled were among the cheapest in the market; Mr Cheng cautioned that the reduction in supply may push prices of other brands up and he urged the authorities to watch out for profiteering. Mr Chan also expressed concern that the low-income may pay the price of any boycott and urged the supermarkets to donate the withdrawn products to the needy, instead of discarding them.

Here are these letters:

Strong message sent in haze fight

Ensure the needy don't end up paying the price

Supermarkets' move a sign of commitment in haze fight

Monitor effects of boycott of haze-linked products

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