Supermarkets' move a sign of commitment in haze fight

I applaud supermarket chains FairPrice, Sheng Siong and Prime Supermarket for their great sense of social responsibility, in not focusing solely on maximising profits of their businesses, when they pulled all Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) items off their shelves after the Singapore Environment Council temporarily restricted APP's green label certification ("Supermarkets pull plug on haze-linked firm's products"; Oct 8)

They cannot be more sincere, when in doing so, they would incur millions of dollars in lost sales.

The sincere efforts of the authorities and others to bring about an end to the decades-old haze problem are indeed a sign of national unity in the face of difficult challenges.

This show of a positive relationship between society and the environment will certainly endear consumers to them.

I hope other supermarkets will emulate their commitment.

Jolly Wee