Turtle museum deserves to stay open

It was sad to hear that Singapore's one and only Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum was set for eviction from the Chinese Garden at the end of this month (Lease for Chinese Garden turtle museum to be extended, owner says; ST Online, March 17).

The museum owner, Ms Connie Tan, is a positive woman who keeps moving forward despite challenges.

It is difficult for anyone to have to leave their home, especially after having been there for 16 years.

It is good to see passionate and strong individuals such as Ms Tan, who is committed to saving and giving a home to the voiceless, receiving support.

Turtles symbolise longevity and good health. With Singapore's growing ageing population, the significance of turtles could not be more apt.

I sincerely hope that the Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum will stay in operation for generations to come.

Ethel Lee (Ms)