Teachers' faith in students can help them soar

I agree that teachers' beliefs about their students can affect their achievements ("Teachers' bias can limit students' future"; Dec 31, 2015).

The same sentiments were echoed by Mrs Elizabeth Ng ("Good teachers can help difficult pupils"; Jan 1).

I studied at Geylang Methodist Girls' School in the early 1970s.

In those days, it was sort of a "neighbourhood school" situated near a wet market.

Many of the students were of humble backgrounds and might have been written off if not for the school's many dedicated teachers.

That I can read the Chinese dailies with relative ease today is thanks to a Miss Chan, who was a dedicated and diligent Chinese teacher at the school.

Her lessons were always well prepared and her no-nonsense attitude brought out the best in us.

No one dared to play the fool during her lessons and, till today, I remember her fondly.

Above all, she believed in us.

She made "junior teachers" of some of us who were more proficient in the Chinese language and I was also chosen to be one.

On a fortnightly basis, usually on Saturdays, we tutored and helped some of the weaker students.

This was truly a win-win situation as it not only benefited the students but also ensured that the "teachers" themselves were kept on their toes.

In this new school year, it is my wish that all teachers will believe in their students' abilities and place greater hopes on them.

This will take them to greater heights, whether in the academic realm or otherwise.

Low Siew Hua (Ms)