Bouquets: Good teachers can help difficult pupils

Good teachers can help difficult pupils

The impact teachers have on the next generation cannot be overstated.

It takes commitment, passion and sacrifice to nurture children to be confident learners.

Their patience and resolve will be tested by difficult pupils.

My son could be categorised as a challenging pupil.

Hence, it is heartwarming to find teachers who not only disciplined him but also encouraged him.

I commend Madam Pang Siu San, principal of Loyang Primary School, for taking the time to counsel my son; Mr Steven Wong Junfu, the vice-principal, for helping him set work plans and goals; and Mr Tan Peng Chee, my son's Chinese teacher, for his exemplary commitment to his pupils.

My son did badly in Chinese, often failing his tests, but Mr Tan did whatever he could to help him.

Mr Tan kept me regularly informed of my son's performance and never belittled or screamed at my son, despite being exasperated at times.

As a result, my son scored a B in the recent Primary School Leaving Examination.

And, as promised, Mr Tan gave him a treat for doing well.

The teachers who care will be remembered by their pupils.

The children may be young now but when they get older, they will realise how their teachers steered them on the right path.

Their respect and gratitude will be priceless.

Elizabeth Ng (Mrs)

Strangers' kindness when son was hurt

I thank the group of people who helped when my son was injured at Heartland Mall on Dec 20 last year.

When the accident happened, the pharmacist from Guardian Pharmacy immediately provided first-aid supplies.

A woman came forward without hesitation to dress my son's bleeding wound.

She was joined by a first-aider who wanted to wait with us until the ambulance arrived.

Another woman helped to calm my son down and directed the ambulance crew to us, and a man brought my son a cup of warm water.

Many other passers-by stopped to ask if we needed help.

I also thank the ambulance crew and the doctors and nurses at KK Women's and Children's Hospital's accident and emergency unit for providing excellent care to my son.

We are touched by the acts of kindness, which made us feel supported in a very traumatic situation.

Instead of standing around to watch, these people distinguished themselves by extending a helping hand instead.

I thank them for making our society a caring one.

Swee Bee Lan (Ms)

Great work in nabbing intruder

I commend the police for the fast response and quick apprehension of the intruder who jumped over my home's fence at about 2am on Dec 20 last year.

I also thank the man who called me when he saw someone jumping over my fence.

His responsibility is much appreciated.

If it were not for his spiritedness, the intruder would have been in the house while we were asleep.

Victor Tan Kai Khiam

Trust built in quality of care at hospital

My 87-year-old father experienced acute abdominal pain on Nov 7 last year and he was taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH) by ambulance.

Although the hospital was new, the Accident and Emergency Department was well organised and efficient.

My father was hospitalised for further investigation and treatment.

Ward B9, which he was assigned to, was spacious and well maintained.

During his 13-day stay, he was well taken of by the helpful and dedicated nurses there.

Their patience with and attentiveness to my father, who can be very talkative, was exemplary.

They even gave him a cake on his birthday to cheer him up.

I thank the doctors who attended to my father, especially Dr Benjamin, who provided me with daily updates on my father's condition.

The physiotherapists and occupational therapists were also very professional.

My father also thoroughly enjoyed the hospital food.

My initial worries about the hospital, given that it was new, were unfounded.

I was very impressed by the whole experience with NTFGH.

Veronica Lo (Ms)

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