HDB to step up enforcement action against illegal m-cycle parking

HDB has received feedback on illegal parking of motorcycles along the pavement between the Kovan Sports Centre and the entrance of the nearby carpark, particularly on weekends when matches are held at the sports centre ("Authorities should work together to resolve illegal m-cycle parking" by Ms Cynthia Lim Ching Siew; Forum Online, Feb 4).

Besides stepping up enforcement action against errant motorcyclists, we have also implemented the Electronic Parking System (EPS) in the carpark since December 2015.

These measures have helped to alleviate the illegal parking problem.

Nevertheless, we have observed that there is still a small number of motorcycles parked illegally, and we will take enforcement action against motorcyclists who do so.

We will also review whether some of the motorcycle parking spaces currently reserved for season parking can be made available to the public, as suggested by Ms Lim.

Lastly, in the incident cited by Ms Lim, the parking attendant did not encourage the motorcyclists to park in the void deck.

Instead, our service provider had advised that motorcyclists parking in void decks would be subject to enforcement action by the town council.

Tan Yew Ping

General Manager (Hougang Branch)

Housing and Development Board